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4 Business Ideas for Non-Tech Startups

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Nowadays, tech geniuses can make plenty. But a business based on what you love can also be successful, even if it has little to do with technology.

4 Business Ideas for Non-Tech Startups

Marketing your skill in crafts

Talent comes in many forms, including a facility with craftwork. Good craftwork is scarce enough that customers seek out quality handmade ornaments or household products. Whether it’swoodcraft, metalcraft, ceramics, or stained glass, whatever you make with skill can deliver profits.

Personalized food and beverages

We all enjoy something made by loving hands. If you create something delicious, there’ll be no shortage of buyers. And many customers will come back for more. There’s almost no limit to the kinds of edibles and drinkables you might make, either for immediate delivery or pickup in your town, or shipping across the country. Artisanal candies, jams, nut butters, spice and seasonings, syrups, cookies, or ethnic specialties are always in demand. Locally, you might even prepare whole meals.

Personal shopper/ fashion consultant

Have an eye for the latest fashion, and how clothing elements come together?A high-profile man or woman whose time is in short supply might hire you to scout and purchase clothes for life in their profession.There’s no telling where such a role might lead, either to similar positions as a personal buyer, or greater engagement with the fashion industry.


Do you have expertise or experience in some sector of learning, from pre-reading to university level? In today’s competitive environment, a tutor can make all the difference, especially for school and college admissions. Many clients are willing to pay for tutoring themselves or their children. There are also those from other countries wishing to build their command of English and various skills. You can help change someone else’s life, and improve your own!

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